Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Challenge

I am a challenge in entirety
 But not by some desire or choice
To be more or less or something that i'm not
 Or even a persona that i'm trying to perpetuate
It's just by design && most people that
 I choose to let in get lost before they find this
One simple truth && since second chances are 
 A rarity here i stand on the precipice
Awaiting the jump

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Saudi Arabian desert sand dry
I cough, I choke 
Breathe 1,2,3
My pulse begins to drop
Tears well in my eyes
They never fall
Who is this man staring at me??
Faint recognizance 
Still yet unplaced
My mind races thoughts still conspiring against the host
Even now after all this time
All the fighting 
For what?
Tell me DAMNIT
I won't ask again and my temper oh my temper!!
I will raze this place to the ground
Patience thin as hair
The veil it no longer clouds me i'm starting to see
Beautiful, Destructive, Dirty, Malignant, Sublime, Majestic
It dawns on my like a new day
I remember
The man!!
He is me
I am he 
Not who I was meant to be
Not who I wanted to become
The Monster
I prayed oh how I prayed 
That this Love wouldn't take my life away 
I release you from the chains that 
Bind && Blind
My sweet beloved betrothed
Forever never lasts

Time to go

Hello Lovers!!! I know it's been a while since i've posted anything but you know how it is life calls so I have to answer (: .. Anywho let's just jump right in to it && for todays topic let's talk about L-O-V-E.  "Love is a Devil," That's Shakespeare that man knew about love.  It means if can make you do the craziest thing act completely neurotic and out of character.  Now you know this is my favorite topic because its so multidimensional it can go so many many many many different roads.  So I purpose the question: When is it time to stop letting your heart tug you in a direction all logic && reason tells you is incorrect?, When do you pick up the pieces and move on?  I'm a hard type of lover I will give you everything not just my love but me the real me .. when the wall come crashing down it's EVERYTHING.  Sometimes we don't quite get over things && people and when the heart is involved this can be the most dangerous form of expression.  You see misplaced longing and desire can make a person go insane, trust me I KNOW.  Being in love with someone who doesn't love you back is one of the hardest toughest pills to swallow.  LOVE ME BACK.  It seems we can always seem to find someone to lust after us, want us, desire, not quite want to be with us but at the same token not want anyone else to either.  My friends it's time for us to wake up and start smelling the Starbuck's because we keep confusing love with lust or desire and the two are monumentally different.  We have to figure out if it's love or is it just that i'm so SCARED OF LONELY that i'd rather take empty expression over the silence which seems to scream so loudly.  Time to pack your bags once && for all and this time you can't forget your most valuable asset .. your HEART .. always remember that one because if you leave it behind when you realize your forgot it and go back to retrieve it you only get stuck on stupid and start to roll backwards.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Finitely So: Forever, Never & Always

It seems as though we often use words like forever and never to express ourselves and represent the fact that we are extremely committed to this or that.  In actuality this is false to the nth degree.  As humans we change our minds as much as we change clothes in some cases so to say you could  love someone forever is as ridiculous as saying you never speed!  *Pause* Bring the car to a screeching halt.  Are you really trying to convince those around you or yourself of such outlandishness?  Here's the COLD HARD TRUTH people change they grown apart they become entirely different at times, situations arise in which we have to ask ourselves the hard questions like: is this really what I wanted?  So I leave you with this, next time before you decide to say i'll never do this or I always do that take the time, No really take the time, to assess just what is being asked of you and if there's any inkling of a shadow of a doubt don't even think about saying "I forever, never, or always.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Black Cherry

sitting at my desk eating black cherries trying remember poetic and pathetic are not synonymous ,though both can be tragic, focus me so mental magic conjure the true out of blue and color me something new ,outside the lines defined in the minds of those who find time to pass judgment, pay no mind you can’t afford that fine
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    • Alonzo Baker beauty emphatic, whisper to me sweet black day, call to my heart send shivers down my soul, reap is to sow, i knew you once, or so it seemed my body teemed of you, forever in that one short moment , perpetuity, burned into my mind the black and white picture plays forevermore or so it would seem
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    • Dee Rocka Smiles for dreams that never wondered merrily down a streams, still somehow gleam like silvery mythril, yet stronger that stolen seconds weighted like millennia amongst the moments of silence, what we don’t say can heal what we say now can surly kill, I suffer under the will of creation, temptation lingers on my lips , kiss the poetry make a new baby
      about an hour ago · 
    • Alonzo Baker burn at the fire, let consummation take hold, fire to ash, ashen to dust, dust back nothing?, no dust back to everything, rebirth renewal the phoenix, look into my new eyes same souls same rapture, come to me i call thee my soul it yet still bellows your name sweet beloved, i will incinerate this entire place until all that is left is you me us, it was you always, one last kiss your lips to mine heart and all and all and all
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    • Dee Rocka 
      fall sweet cherry blossom under the burden of being so beautiful gravity too, desires to hold you close, host no otherworldly boast coast gently down and rest in the earth and ashes, cashes of treasures untold you hold in the universe of your delicate pedals, poet’s meddle with powers they can’t fully perceive but believe in them despite eyes lies and ears compromised capacity for consuming fiction and virtual reality. We love this ability to connect abstract and subtract causality making the metaphor actual reality, yo these black cherries are sweet as the words we weave I see baskets of material what will you do with it Alonzo?
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    • Alonzo Baker 
      I will keep it hold love it cherish it black cherries no i regard them precious diamonds, your diamonds hard as stone, my heart of stone you melt it with your words purity love kindness, i have long since been unconsolable, yet you make me bare naked raw, drink the sweetest nectar of me and make it us, i have waited for you alone since the dawn of the days of cognizance i have waited oh and patiently too, now that i have found what eons took to locate NEVER will us part not in death not in life forevermore as i've already said lay with me come to me in honesty and i will sate you until the skies come crashing down
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Just Friends?

Many times we find that relationships can quickly turn from fairy-tale to nightmare in .05 seconds, and usually when this happens we just want it to END.  What about when the fairy-tale comes to an end and there are no hard feelings no resentment just a "mutual" consensus that it just wasn't meant to be.  As children we learn fairy-tales don't ever last and there's always a last page always an ending to every story whether happy or disparaging.  That brings us to the next point; the premise if you will, can two people both mutually exclusive in a committed honest relationship go from lovers to friends?  In my own experiences I found it easier to just cut them off completely go my own way and never look back, I'm the type that once we're done we're DONE.  On my quest for spiritual personal emotional growth and maturity I have found that one may not go through life like this so moving forward I have tried other methods like say: friendship.  I must say as one normally reserved and emotionally introverted individual it's especially quite hard!  So a parting thought for the day: Can they ever look upon each other without that deep meaningful longing in their eyes?  Can they ever be "just friends"  

Friday, January 7, 2011


Loveless desire 
Unbridled passion 
Ensuing flames
Consummation of the host
Release? ... NONE!
I knock at the door
No answer?
Forgotten keys 
So I wait
(( Patiently ))
No answer?
My soul grows restless but I do remain
Frozen in a LOVE
Long expired
Thoughts racing conspiring against the host
Betrayal of the mind
The clock doth strike MIDNIGHT
I grow weary losing ...
My breath???
I exhale, 
My soul escapes me 
My Time dwindles 
Yet I remain
I remember the song
Your song
Remembered yet not quite placed
YES, just like a lyre
Immortally yours
My Resonance
Your chain
Forever bound to this place
Remember the last kiss???
Oh how it felt
Warm Earth
Hot Sun
Fiery Souls 
Only in dreams now
My GIFT to you
A soul for a song
An eternal sweet black kiss
In exchange
For an eternally pure song
Bound forever
Your curse
My release
I waited
How kind 
Only in dreams now 
Real was it???
Fabric now
My regards to a caged songbird
Sirens Sing